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Dan Appel

2021 President / 2020 Co-President

Not only did Ski Club make me a better skiier, but it gave me friends for life. I haven't looked back since since the first trip I went on my freshman year.


Vala Saadat

2021 Vice President

I joined ski and snowboard club for my passion in snowboarding. After meeting the wonderful people in the club, I quickly realized that it’s not a matter of if you are going to send it, but when you are going to send it. 


Shane McClure

2020 Co-President

I joined Ski Club after running into some club members at the booth my freshman year. What a chance encounter it was, because ski club has given me nothing but awesome friends, good memories, and deep powder.



2019.5 President / 2020 Advisor

Ski club helped me find some of the most amazing people I've met and explore a lot of different mountains that I otherwise wouldn't have. 


Jake Z.

2019 President

Ski club was sick, but I graduated before I wrote something here so Dan wrote this to fill the space.


Jacob Lillengreen

2018 Vice President

Ski club allowed me to branch out in college and meet new people. Some of the people I’ve met through ski club will be my friends for the rest of my life. Zot zot mother fucker



2017 President / 2016 VP / 2015 HOS

I joined ski club on a complete whim, and All Cal was my first trip ever. I kept going on more and more trips and made great friends!  Ski Club doesn’t end in college, ski club friends are for life.

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