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Since the establishment of Ski and Snowboard Club at University of California, Irvine, we accumulated sponsors for our members. Promoting the brands that we love to wear and shred with.


Ikon Pass

One of our main sponsors for season passes is the Ikon pass. Each year our members are eligible to receive a discount code for the Ikon passes which saves our members a lot of money. The Ikon season pass allows our members to access more than 40 iconic resorts worldwide.



Mountain conditions can vary and are unpredictable. The 686 brand allows our members to shred with confidence even in the most undesirable conditions. Being a member of the Ski and Snowboard Club at UCI gives you exclusive access and discount to the 686 wide selection of apparels.


Blauer Ski and Snowboard Shop

Blauer Ski and Snowboard Shop located at the Big Bear City, provides our members with exclusive prices for gear, rentals, and equipment. For more than 40 years of service, they provide both in-store and online stores for top notch brands for all kinds of riding.


Phil’s Ski and Snowboard Shop

If you are a member and do not have your own skiing gear, don't worry. Phil’s ski and snowboard shop provides our members with the best rental gears and price on the market. In addition, members can also get discounts on repairing and tuning.


Baker Street Snow

The local Baker Street Snow store provides a great discount on high-quality ski and snowboard equipment for our members. Additionally, their well known customer service and team help our members to choose equipment for all styles of riding.


PF McMullin

P.F. McMullin Co. is a snowboarding shop located in Orange County, California that provides our members with discounted snowboarding equipment, outerwear, and accessories.

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